A University Professor Banned from Lecturing by the Security Forces

HRANA News Agency – Zakaria Ghaderi, the professor of political science of Kerman Azad University, has been deprived of lecturing, by the pressure of the university security.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Dr. Zakaria Ghaderi says that the discussed subjects in his classes and his papers, are the reason of this decision.

Mr.Ghaderi has written about this matter, “in the middle of the semester the head of department told me that he had been under pressure from the people in higher hierarchical positions, to dismiss me from lecturing, and all of my courses during this semester should be taken from me. I have been told that security, dean and head of educational affaires put the head of department under pressure.”

According to HRANA, ideological and not related to academic proficiency selection of university professors in Iran, has been one the most important violations of academic rights and freedoms. Previously, Ghasem Eksiri, the physic professor of Khajeh Nasir University, was deprived of teaching for having “thin and feminine” voice.

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