Vahid Karimi Sentenced to Four Years, One Month, and 17 Days

Vahid Karimi Sentenced to Four Years, One Month, and 17 Days

The Tehran Court of Appeals has issued a verdict sentencing Vahid Karimi to four years, one month, and 17 days in prison. His arrest dates back to the 2022 nationwide protests.

According to the judgment delivered on September 7, Karimi has been handed a three-year, six-month, and one-day sentence for “assembly and collusion against national security” and an additional seven months and 16 days for “propaganda against the regime.”

In accordance with Article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code, the three-year, six-month, and one-day prison term will be executed.

Karimi’s arrest occurred on November 29, 2022, when he was apprehended by the IRGC Intelligence unit at his father’s residence in Qazvin, after which he was transferred to Tehran.

Initially, Karimi had been released from the Great Tehran Penitentiary under a pardon and commutation directive, with the suspension of prosecution order by the Revolutionary Court of Tehran. However, it has come to light that, following a complaint by the prosecutor, Karimi’s pardon was revoked, and the case was referred to the Court of Appeals.

Background on the 2022 Nationwide Protests

The arrest of Mahsa Amini by Tehran Morality Police for her improper hijab and her suspicious death on September 16 sparked protests sweeping across Iran. Protesters came to the streets with the central slogan “Women, Life, Freedom” in protest against the performance, laws, and structure of the regime. During the nationwide protests, thousands of people, including journalists, artists, lawyers, teachers, students, and civil rights activists, were arrested.

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