Ward 8 of Evin Prison, the New Banishing Place for Political Prisoners

HRANA News Agency – Ward 8 at Evin Prison has turned to the new banishing space for political prisoners at this prison by neglecting their basic human rights.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), during the past couple of weeks, political prisoners at Ward 8 of Evin Prison and their families have complained in various ways about the unsatisfactory condition of this ward.
Previously, in an interview with HRANA News Agency, mother of “Omid Ali Shenas” a political prisoner at Ward 8, described the contrition of his son at Ward 8 as bad and distressing:
“His living condition at ward 8 is not good at all, over populations is such that prisons have to sleep in the corridors and only showers and toilets are not being used for sleep. They are not separated from other criminals with charges such as thievery, financial crimes and thugs and there are concerns about brawls. Hygiene conditions are horrible and because of the over population, disease are epidemic. Recently there has been a flu virus in the ward and all prisoners become ill. My son is ill as well and I as a mother am concerned about his condition and don’t feel safe”
A close relative of “Majid Moghaddam”, another political prisoner told HRANA reporter  in this regard: “over populations is such that prisons have to sleep in the corridors and next to the  toilets. Financial and fraud criminals don’t have a good relationship with political prisoners and looking for an argument with them while being stimulated by prison authorities and this has put a lot of mental pressure on political prisoners.”
In addition, the family of “Serajeddin Mirdamadi” the other political prisoner of Ward 8 , have complained about his bad living condition , medical and separation of crimes negligence in this ward on many occasions.
According to HRANA report, Ward 8 of Evin Prison is the place for keeping often dangerous criminals with charges not related to politics and usually related to thievery, fraud, trafficking with mix of nationality and even the arrested Somali pirates are being kept in this ward .In spite of the law of “Separation of Crimes”, several political prisoners who have been arrested after the election of 2012 have been transferred to this ward. Moreover, several prisoners from Ward 350 have been exiled to this ward and the latest occasion was the transfer of 6 Facebook activists to this Ward during the past couple of days.

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