Warning of confiscating of Khosro Arasteh’s bail delivered | Photo

HRANA News Agency –  A notice about confiscating the bail of Khosro Arasteh who was one of the injured and detainees of the protests after the election of 2009, has delivered to his family.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on Saturday, January 5th, a notice has been delivered to Khosro Arasteh’s family that if he won’t be present at revolutionary court of Karaj, the bail will be confiscated.

Khosro Arasteh was arrested during the extended arrests of 2009 post-election in March 1st of 2009 by security forces in Karaj when he was participating a protest, during a chasing and being shot twice.
After being in solitary confinement for 38 days and being interrogated many times, he has been brought by the authorities to the judge at branch 6 of revolutionary court in Karaj and has been sentenced with no access to lawyer.
Khosro Arasteh has been sentenced to three year in prison on charges of acting against national security (Article 499 on the Islamic Punishment).
While he was passing first year of his imprisonment, according to a new dossier he has been accused to “forming a group for acting against national security”.
After a lot of efforts, his family provided  200 million tomans bail for Khosro Arasteh’s permission for vacations and he fled to Turkey and seek political asylum.
Now after 1 year of his absence in Iran the revolutionary court of Karaj notified his family that if he won’t be present in the court, the bail will be confiscated.
Translated by: Ramyar Hassani


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