Widespread Strike in Iran’s Kurdish Regions


May 13, 2010
HRANA – Today, following a call to action by human rights activists, Kurdish political parties, and civil organizations, the entire Kurdish region went on a widespread strike, despite the severe militarization of the area.

According to HRANA reporters, the strike was most palpable in the city of Sanandaj where the entire city’s operations have shut down.A notable number of stores and even street peddlers shut down their businesses as a sign of protest against the executions of five Kurdish activists four days ago.
In a concerted effort, business owners of several major streets such as Ferdowsi, Shesh Bahman, Gozar, and Namaki shut down their stores in protest.
In addition, clashes between citizens and the police were reported in the city of Nowsud, as the police attempted to disperse the protesters by firing bullets into the air.
Similar reports from Marivan, Bukan, Divandareh, Mahabad, Ashnavieh, and other cities all point to the widespread nature of the strike.
It is notable that, today, many citizens from various cities have travelled to the two cities of Sanandaj and Kamiaran to pay home visits to the victims’ families and express their sympathies and solidarity with them.


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