Zia Nabavi Sent to Furlough

Posted on: 22nd February, 2017
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Zia Nabavi

HRANA News Agency – On January 17, 2017, Zia Nabavi was sent to furlough from Semnan prison.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), on January 17, 2017, Zia Nabavi was sent to the 3-day furlough from Semnan prison.

Zia Nabavi was arrested in 2009 and was sentenced to 15 years in prison and 74 lashes by the 26th branch of Islamic revolution court headed by Pirabbasi. The verdict was reduced to ten years in exile by the appeals court.

He was exiled to Kazeron prison in 2010 and was transferred to Semnan Prison in 2014.