Abolfazl Abedini Denied Visitation Rights

HRANA- As of Tuesday morning journalist and former executive of Human Rights Activists in Iran (HRA), Abolfazl Abedini, has been denied visitation rights with his family.

Abolfazl Abedini’s mother was informed by prison authorities on Tuesday morning that her son is being denied visitations until further notice when she went to visit him in Ahvaz’s Karoon Prison.

The political prisoner’s mother was told by prison officials that the order had been handed down by the warden of Karoon Prison. No further reason was given.

Mr. Abedini is currently serving an eleven year sentence in ward 6 of Ahvaz’s Karoon Prison. He has not been allowed any visits with his family since his transfer to the prison.

This human rights activist has warned about threats to his life from violent offenders in the prison on a number of occasions.

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