Political Prisoner Hamed Roohinejad Suffering from Paralysis as he is Refused Medical Treatment

HRANA- Hamed Roohinejad, a political prisoner in Evin Prison, is in critical condition due to complications related to multiple sclerosis and a lack of proper medical care.
It is reported that he is suffering from paralysis in one arm and that he is having severe issues with his eyesight.  In addition, Hamed Roohinejad has developed problems hearing.  Although he has developed numerous medical problems, prison authorities have refused Hamed the proper medical care.

Furthermore, prison authorities have refused to provide Hamed Roohinejad with the medication purchased for him by his family for complications related to MS.  Multiple sclerosis is a serious condition that attacks the central nervous system affecting the ability of the brain and spinal cord to communicate with each other.  As it progresses, it causes physical and cognitive disability.
As a part of the treatment for MS, those with the disease must go through physiotherapy and adhere to a strict diet.  Left untreated, MS can cause complete paralysis.
Hamed Roohinejad, a philosophy student, has been in detention since April 2009 on charges of membership in an anti-government organization and has been refused medical leave.  He was sentenced to death in the post election show trials.  His sentence was later reduced to ten years in prison.

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