Abdolmalek Rigi Has Been Executed

HRANA – Iran’s judiciary announced that Abdolmalek Rigi, leader of the militant opposition movement Jundollah, has been executed.

Abdolmalek Rigi, 27, was the founder and leader of the People’s Resistance Movement of Iran (Jundollah). He and another member of the group were arrested last March. He was found guilty of a number of charges including of being a “mohareb” by Judge Tohidi of Tehran’s Islamic Revolutionary Court because of the organizations armed attacks. He was hung early Saturday morning in Evin prison.

Mr. Rigi spent in days in prison in an undisclosed location. His family’s attempts to visit him and to provide him with proper legal representation were unsuccessful. The Iranian government broadcast parts of what were called his taped confessions on state television. However, Mr. Rigi’s organization has recently released a video from their leader they claim has been sent to them by the government calling for a return to negotiations.

The People’s Resistance Movement of Iran, founded in 2003, states that it is struggling for the religious and ethnic rights of the Sunni Balouch people. It states that it is not a separatist organization. The group believes in armed struggle to reach its goals and has carried out a numerous armed attacks including an attack that killed the Army of the Revolutionary Guard’s second in command.




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