Ali Tavakoli “My Mom Has Been on Hunger Strike for Two Days in Solidarity with Majid”

HRANA – On Sunday, May 23, Majid Tavakoli was transferred to solitary confinement for speaking out against the statements by the representative of Tehran’s Prosecutor during a session with the representative and other prisoners protesting the results of the presidential election.

Majid Tavakoli has gone on a dry hunger strike since his transfer, which is extremely dangerous due to the lack of any liquid intake. Yesterday afternoon, certain outlets reported that Mr. Tavakoli’s condition has severely deteriorated.

In order to find out more, we interviewed Ali Tavakoli, Majid’s brother.

Mr. Tavakoli, how true are the reports about the severity of Majid’s physical condition?

Today, we received news from Evin prison, Majid who has been on a dry hunger strike for three days and has begun to cough severely, so much so that prison officials have advised him to drink water. However, insisting on his hunger strike Majid is still refusing to even drink water.

Of course, prior to his transfer to solitary confinement, Majid had said that should such an event occur, he would not stop his hunger strike until he was taken out of solitary confinement.

Does Majid have a history of any illness that could result in his current condition?

Yes, due to enduring long spells in solitary confinement, Majid had contracted asthma and was using medicine up until his transfer to solitary confinement in Ward 240 and was regularly treated in the prison clinic.

Even during the telephone conversation he had with our mom the day before his transfer, Majid’s voice would fade when he spoke.

We have heard that your mother is very upset by the authorities’ lack of attention to Majid’s hunger strike. How is she now?

My mom has been terribly worried about Majid’s condition over the past two days, so much so that she herself has been on hunger strike for two days in solidarity with Majid, but after hearing the news of Majid’s deteriorating condition, her psychological condition has naturally worsened.

It seems that security forces had reacted to the latest letter that Majid Tavakoli had written in Evin prison in protest to the execution of 5 political prisoners. What was the extent of this reaction?

After Majid wrote the letter about Farzad Kamangar, Intelligence Ministry agents threatened him with exile to another prison and transfer to solitary confinement. One can say that based on this letter they had already promised to transfer him to solitary confinement and the presence of the representative of the Prosecutor in Evin prison, which resulted in Majid’s transfer to solitary confinement yet again, was no more than an excuse.

Is it true that they have threatened to kill Majid for writing this letter?

I have heard this report from other news outlets as well and can neither confirm nor deny it, but I find it unlikely for Intelligence Ministry agents to make such a shameless threat.

Mr. Tavakoli, we thank you for giving us your time.






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