Political Prisoners in Evin Go on Hunger Strike in Support of Majid Tavakoli

May 27, 2010
HRANA – A group of political prisoners in Evin prison went on hunger strike on Wednesday to declare their objection to the transfer of Majid Tavakoli to solitary confinement and to support the hunger strike of this student activist.

After announcing the news of the hunger strike to Ham-Mihan, one of the prisoners involved in the hunger strike criticized the illegal actions of the prison authorities and encouraged them to be tolerant of the opposing views.
Majid Tavakoli was transferred to solitary confinement four days ago after he objected to the blindfolding of political prisoners. His punishment period in solitary confinement is set for 20 days.
According to reports, Majid Tavakoli’s transfer to solitary confinement was ordered by the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office. Based on these reports, Mr. Tavakoli has written a detailed letter regarding the current situation in Iran, which has led to a severe reaction by security forces. So much so that agents threatened to kill this student activist after finding out about the letter. The order to transfer Mr. Tavakoli to solitary confinement was issued after a visit by a representative from the prosecutor’s office on Sunday during which Mr. Tavakoli got into an argument with the representative about the blindfolding of political prisoners.
In an interview with Ham-Mihan, another prisoner on hunger strike expressed his concerns about Tavakoli’s physical condition and said: “Unfortunately young people like Majid, who act peacefully and criticize constructively, face volatile and harsh responses from judicial and security authorities instead of mutual understanding and tolerance.”
He added: “Today, Wednesday May 26th, is the fourth day of Majid Tavakoli’s dry hunger strike, and certainly in the next one or two days, his condition will become dire.”

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