12 Afghanis have been hanged in Iran

HRANA News Agency – The Afghani embassy in Tehran has published a letter announcing the execution of 12 Afghani citizens on charge of drug trafficking in Iran.


According to a report by BBC Persian, they have not pointed to the exact date of these executions but they are believed to be hanged recently.


According to this letter, 7 of the executed ones were from Herat, 3 from Takhar, 1 from Laghman and the other one was from Nimruz and have been hanged recently in the prisons of Karaj, Arak and Isfahan.


The Afghani embassy says “the executions are going on and there are hundred others in the prisons waiting to be hanged.”


The Afghani administration has called Iran to stop or suspend the death sentences of Afghani citizens several times.


The foreign ministry of Afghanistan said in the last February: “In an official meeting with the Afghani foreign minister, the Iranian minister accepted to ask the head of the judiciary to suspend the execution of the Afghani citizens until the judiciaries of both countries can find a mechanism for closer and more effective cooperation in official meetings.”


But the embassy says: “The Iranian officials say the death and life imprisonment sentences of those who are charged with drug trafficking will be enforced whether they are Iranian or not.”



The letter says that there are 5 thousand Afghani prisoners in Iran hundreds of which are charged with drug trafficking.


The bodies of five Afghanis who had been hanged on charge of drug trafficking in Iran were sent to Takhar and buried in Kolfagan last February.


Those who had participated in their funeral said to BBC that there have been 80 citizens of that area hanged in Iran in the last 6 months.


They said the bodies of 50 are transferred and buried here but the rest are still in Iran.


The inhabitants of Kolfagan village say there are 700 prisoners from this area in Iran 350 of which are sentenced to death.

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