12 Instructors of Erfane Halghe Received Their Sentences

HRANA News Agency – 12 instructors of Erfane Halgheh (Interuniversalism Mysticism) have been sentences to 24 years imprisonment and about 100 Million Tomans Fines.

According to HRANA quoting from Mashregh, 40 followers and instructors of Erfane Halgheh were arrested in a teaching session and 12 of them were prosecuted and sentenced.

These 12 Erfane Halgheh Master’s (Instructors) who held teaching classes after the arrest of Mohammad Ali Taheri (the founder of this Mysticism) were prosecuted in court  on the same charges in a case made against them  and these 12 people were sentenced together to 24 years imprisonment and about 100 Million Tomans Fines.

Since they were charged with Blasphemy based on the degree of charges, they were sentenced between one to five years each and because of earning illegitimate were sentenced to Fines.

Also two individuals, who attended the protests formed in support of Mohammad Ali Taheri in front of Islamic Revolutionary Court, Evin Prison and in front of the Human Right Council office in Iran, were sentenced to 1 year imprisonment and 74 lashes each on the charge of disturbing the public peace.

This source continued in this report, Mohammad Ali Taheri is serving his sentence at Evin Prison on the charge of Blasphemy and his case is being reviewed for the charge of “Corruption on earth” and that the judicial system has been seeking advice from three supreme religion authorities (Marja Taghlid) who have confirmed Mohammad Ali Taheri’s Apostate crime has been agreed upon. A hearing took place on 11 March 2015 at the Islamic Revolutionary Court.

This News Agency added, during the past couple of month several groups close to Erfane Higher inside and outside of the country made claims about the critical health condition of Mohammad Ali Taheri. These claims continued to the point that sources announced his death and recently after Erfane Halgheh followers heard the news about his new court date and rumours about his health condition demanded an update on his health.  In spite of this, a clip was published on 16 March 2015 in which he was shown healthy in the court corridors and sitting next to his wife and later joined later by Alizadeh Tabatabaie and his other lawyer.

The user who published the 3 minutes clip on web mentioned in the description: “ an unexpected meeting with Master Taheri in the court corridor . Master’s health is good and despite what is rumoured, Master-as it is clear in clip- in is good condition. In the court, his wife was sitting next to him and Mr Alizadeh was there as well but I did not dare to approach them because of the security measures.”

Previously, 16 Erafen HAlgheh followers have been sentenced to 37 years imprisonment and 130 Million Tomans Fine and this is because considering the level of charged each of them received 1 to 5 years sentence and due to gathering of illegitimate funds – based on their income- they receive a Fine. Couple of them have been sentenced to lashes since Alcoholic Drinks were confiscated from them.

It is important to mention that some pupils of Mr Taheri believe this clip is fake and goes back to a long time before his hunger strike.

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