16 Prisoners Were Hanged in Mashhad and Birjand

HRANA News Agency – 16 prisoners with drug related charges were hanged in Mashhad and Birjand during April 16 and 17.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), 12 prisoners were hanged in Mashhad on April 16 and 4 others in Birjand on April 17. All of these prisoners were sentenced to death for drug related charges.

While execution of prisoners in Iran has speed up during recent weeks, official authorities not only have not clarified the cause, but have prevented from informing the families and have cut the contacts from inside to outside of the prison.

According to HRANA, the execution of prisoners, specifically prisoners with drug related charges, has speed up, while based on previous hearings, a bill for cancellation of execution for drug related charges was supposed to be submitted to the parliament in May.

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