16 Sunni prisoners were released and 5 sentenced to death

HRANA News Agency – Sixteen Sunni prisoners in Rajaie Shahr prison have been released as they spent all of their imprisonment verdict and five priosners have been sentenced to death.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), The Sunni prisoners who were arrested mostly in groups and in mosques have been released after spending their imprisonment verdicts. 


A Sunni prisoner told HRANA reporter that “these 16 prisoners spent all of their verdicts and as they were arrested in groups and mosques some people mislead the story and pretend that the prisoners have been released according to a conditional forgiveness but the reality is that the authorities were against the earlier releasing of even one of them. As well the imprisonment verdict of about 10-12 more Sunni prisoners will end in the next few days.”


“At the same time five Sunni prisoners have been sentenced to death and in total 25 of us is in danger of execution. Also two Sunni brothers who are in the same ward that we are, have been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in total.”


The following names are the prisoners who have been released:


Seyyed Taha Karimi imprisoned for 20 months

Jafar Pouya imprisoned for 24 months

Masoud Abdollahi imprisoned for 22 months

Naser Pirkherzri imprisoned for 18 months

Mohammad Shafie Rahmanpour imprisoned for 20 months

Ayoub Ebrahimzadeh imprisoned for 20 months

Abdolwahab Maroofzadeh imprisoned for 20 months

Kaveh Rasoulpoor imprisoned for 18 months

Yousef Feizi imprisoned for 20 months

Nemat Azadkhah imprisoned for 20 months

Sherkooh Ghamarivand imprisoned for 20 months

Hadi Moloodi imprisoned for 20 months

Mohammad Najjari imprisoned for 18 months

Hassan Abdollahi imprisoned for 24 months


The websites with trends to regime reported their releasing as a conditional release.

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