3 Activists from Gachsaran Sentenced to Imprisonment, Lashes and Fine

HRANA News Agency – Seyed Mohammad Miri and Ghasem Ghanbari, two political activists from Gachsaran, have been sentenced to imprisonment, lashes and fines on charge of propaganda against the regime and insulting the supreme cleader. Another political activist from Gachsaran, with the name of Hasan Bozorgzadeh, has been sentenced to imprisonment on charge of association in insulting the supreme leader and Khomeini and being banned of membership in any political group for two years, as well.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the revolutionary court of Gachsaran in Kohkilooyeh-va-Booyer-Ahmad province sentenced three political activists with the names of Hasan Bozorgzadeh, Seyed Mohammad Miri, and Ghasem Ghanbari, to respectively, 6 months, three years and three years imprisonment, as well as, 2 million IRR fine and 30 lashes for each. Besides, the court order for being banned of membership in any political group for two years, based on part 4 of article 23 of Islamic Penal Act, has been issued as the complementary punishment.
These activists have been sentenced to 2 million IRR fine for using drugs and 30 lashes.
A close source to these citizens told HRANA’s reporter, “The allegation of using drugs is totally baseless, and we believe it is just for damaging the social figure of these political activists. These people are educated and healthy with liberal attitudes from well-known families”.
Although article 134 of the Islamic Penal Act has been applied by the order of judge and therefore a part of imprisonment sentence of Mohamad Miri and Ghasem Ghanbari was reduced to 2 years. However, due to having only one charge, this rule could not be applied.
HRANA had reported in August that Seyed Mohammad Miri (31 years old and petroleum engineer), Hasan Bozorgzadeh (25 years old and computer science student), and Ghasem Ghanbari (33 years old, vendor), three political activists from Dil village, a rural area of Ghachsaran in Kohkilooyeh-va-Booyer-Ahmad province had been arrest by the intelligence service on Sunday July 31, 2016.
Need to be mentioned, Mojtaba Poorhasan, Abbas Mohammad Sadeghpoor, Mehran Zakinejad, Ehsan Arshadi, Mohammadreza Mobaraki and Abdullah Alizade, 6 other political activists of this village, submitted themselves to prison on January 29, in order to serve their 2 years of imprisonment sentences.
Dil village is a rural area of Ghachsaran in Kohkilooyeh-va-Booyer-Ahmad province and has a population of 2087 and 482 families, according to 2007’s census.

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