3 Civil Rights activists Arrested at Dr. Mosaddegh’s Tomb

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Maleki, Mohammad Nourizad and Shahnaz Karimbaigi, three civil rights activists who intended to participate in remembrance of Dr. Mosadegh, had been arrested for few hours. There is no news about Mohammad Nourizad yet.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mohammad Maleki, Mohammad Nourizad and Shahnaz Karimbaigi who had intended to attend the remembrance of Mohammad Mosadegh, in Ahmad Abad Mostoufi, were arrested for few hours by security forces, on Thursday, March 6.

Mohammad Maleki and Shahnaz Karimbaigi were interrogated for 5 hours, but finally released. An informed source who wanted to remain unknown told HRANA’s reporter, “the goal of this arrest was preventing them from attending Dr. Mosadegh’s remembrance”.

Need to be mentioned, Shahnaz Karimbaigi is the mother of Mostafa Karimbaigi, who was murdered during the events after the presidential elections in 2009.

There is no new about the condition of Mohammad Nourizad by the time this news is being edited.

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