Dutch MPs Call for Freedom of Human Rights Activists in Iran

HRANA News Agency – “Harry Van Bommel” and “Kees Van der Staaij” foreign affairs spokesmen of socialist and Christian Reformist parties of Dutch Parliament in occasion of the fifth anniversary of the arrests in 2nd March, demanded the release of imprisoned human rights defenders, including Seyed Mehdi Khodaei, Nasoor  Naghipoor, Mohammad Hossein Yousefpoor Seifi, Navid Khanjani and Eighan Shahidi.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Kees Van der Staaij,  member of Netherlands Parliament and spokesperson for Foreign Affairs of Christian Reformist Party of Netherlands, as well as other MP, Harry van Bommel, who holds the leadership responsibility of the Socialist Party and he is also the spokesman on Foreign Relations in this country, in 2nd March by signing separate letters in the occasion of the fifth anniversary of clash with members of Human Rights Activists in Iran, called for the freedom of detainees of this event.
These MPs especially emphasized on the freedom for Mehdi Khodaei, Mohammad Hassan Yousufpoor Seifi, Nasoor Naghipour, Eighan Shahidi, and Navid Khanjani.
The MPs’ letters also have mentioned that, the members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ conduct with prisoner, including attempt to force the prisoners for confession in TV interview and misbehaviour towards them.
It should be noted that during the last year, Mr. “Wayne Van Camp” European Parliament MP from the Netherlands, member of European People Party, “Professor Hans Franklin” from Christian Democratic Party in the Dutch parliament, “Doctor Matthew Afford” Conservative MP in the British Parliament, “Tiny Koch” from Dutch parliament and Ms. “Linda forum” Senator from Canada’s Senate, emphasized on and supported the unconditional freedom of the detainees of 2nd March.
It is to say, in the event of 2nd March 2009, which was the most significant set of a series of security forces’ encounters with Iranian human rights defenders, in response to past events of tenth presidential controversial elections, about 30 human rights activists, mainly people associate with Human Rights Activists in Iran, were arrested by the Revolutionary Guards in all around the country and were trialed unfairly. After 4 years some of them including; Mehdi Khodaei, Nasoor Naghipoor, Eighan Shahidi, and Navid Khanjani with several years of imprisonment sentences are still in prison.

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