3 killed and 6 wounded by the Police forces in Qeshm

HRANA News Agency – Police clash with indigenous people living in the village, “Koveh” in Qeshm On Saturday, 12th July, resulted in the deaths of three people and wounding six others.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), during discovery of smuggled fuel in the village “Koveh” of the Qeshm Island Three people were killed and at least six others were injured by police shooting.

Police forces also burned a boat belonging to the fuel smugglers in the beach of village and attempted to confiscate their properties.

In the images sent by eyewitnesses, some places destroyed by a truck that allegedly had been smuggling fuel storage.

Due to poverty, indigenous people of the Qeshm Island mostly work as fuel smugglers.

The names of those killed and injured in the accident are not known, also, Iran’s police website has failed to inform about this incident which caused the village people protests.

Pictures documenting the incident on Saturday in “Koveh” village:

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