4 Kurdish civilians are arrested

HRANA News Agency – The intelligence agents have arrested 4 Kurdish civilians in Dagagah village of Sarv Abad.
According to a report by Kurpa news agency, 4 Kurdish civilians have been arrested on 24th April in Dagagah village.
These four are: Ruhollah Heydari, Awat Heydari, Kawan Heydari and Omid Habibi.
This report says that the agents have insulted their families and broken some stuff in their houses while arresting them.
There is no information about the reason of the arrest and the place they are kept now.
Dagagah village has almost 1000 inhabitants, being 15 KM far from Sarv Abad.
24 Kurdish civilians have been arrested in the Iran’s Kurdistan in recent 40 days by the intelligence agents.

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