Four political activists were arrested in Lahijan

HRANA News Agency – Iranian security agents arrested a group of political activists in Lahijan ahead of the country’s presidential elections.

According to a report by Mizan News, as Iranian presidential elections approaches, security forces in the country have begun intimidating activists.  Political activists in lahijan have been summoned by phone, and their homes have been searched.  Additionally, several supporters of Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Iran’s former president and a candidates for the upcoming elections, have been arrested.

Hamid Hadisi, Ibrahim Khosh Sirat and Mouris Bagheri are three religious nationalists who are among detainees.  The head of Islamic Participation Front, Jafari, has also been arrested.  After six days, the prisoners were allowed to speak with their families briefly by phone.

While in custody, the activists were immediately transferred to a detention center run by IRCG.  Last Sunday, they were arraigned and subsequently taken to Rasht Prison.

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