4 Social Netwerk Activists Arrested in Arak

HRANA News Agency – Four activists of social networks in Arak were arrested and imprisoned on political charges. According to informed sources, the four were detained because of writing critical contents in the “Line” communication network in October.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), The four (three men and a lady) were charged with insulting religious sanctities, insulting the Supreme Leader, and propaganda against the regime, because of  writing political and religious content.
One of the detainees were transferred to rehabilitation center of Arak due to being a juvenile and three others, including a lady and two men were transferred to Arak prison.
One of the detainees is “Sahar Elyasi” and the identities of the men have not been found out by HRANA’s resources yet.
Sahar Elyasi was arrested by security forces on October 21 and was transferred to Arak prison on October 22. She is 22 years old and was the coach of a women’s football club in Arak.
According to an informed source, the judicial process has been done and the appeal court has sentenced Sahar Elyasi to two years imprisonment.
The source also said that she was arrested in the demonstration in support of teachers and workers in front of the Parliament in Tehran and released after a few days.

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