5 civil activists arrested in Miyandoab

HRANA News Agency – At least five people were arrested for attending the memorial for Khan Ali Motei, on Ghaijili village, territory of Miyandoab.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), during the memorial ceremony, which was held on Ghaeijili village, a territory of Miyandoab, at least five people were arrested, on Thursday, December 13.
The names of the detainees are: Dariush Andalibian, Yousef Mokhtari, Javad Soodbar, Habib Manafi Azar and Mokhtar Ibrahimi.
This ceremony was in memorial of Khan Ali Motiei and security and intelligent forces used pepper spray for dispersing people.
An informed source told to HRANA’s reporter: “the number of detainees is more than 10 but we do not have their names yet.”
Khan Ali Motiei was a citizen, who was killed on May 21, 1945 protests.

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