Baha’i cemetery was destroyed in Sanandaj

HRANA News Agency – After a court upheld the confiscation of a land belonging to the Baha’is in Sanandaj which was used as a cemetery, this land was destroyed by bulldozers.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), although the land was given to the Baha’is by the city administration in 1993, the court ordered it to be confiscated.


This was the third Baha’is cemetery in Sanandaj which has been occupied and destroyed since 1987.
The Supreme Court had recently sent the case of this land to another branch of appeal court which approved the former verdict as well. the Some photos of the destroyed graveyard is as following:


gur2 gur3 gur4 gur5 gur6 gur7 gur8 gur9 gur10 gur11 gur12 gur13

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