5 Sunni activists arrested in Bukan

HRANA News Agency – The asthmatic mother of a Sunni detainee has been hospitalized after being beaten by Iranian forces during the arrest of five Sunni preachers last week.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the five Sunni preachers, Masoud Javadi, Namegh Doldol, Mahmoud Rasoolizadeh, Mohammad Mohammadi and Ibrahim Rasooli were violently arrested in early morning raids on their houses last Friday in Bukan, West Azerbaijan province.


A local source who requested anonymity told the Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), “About fifty officers from the Ministry of Intelligence, who were armed, went to the houses of these people. They intended to enter the bedrooms in the most shameless manner, and were faced with the protests of the families [of the detainees].”


“In response to these protests, officers began hitting and beating these Sunni activists,” he said.


He continued, “the Ministry of Intelligence forces even hit and beat the mother of Mohammad Javadi, who suffers from asthma, and she has currently been admitted to hospital in Orumieh.”


“Officers even attempted to shoot towards Mohammad Mousizadeh, and fortunately he was not hit,” he said.


According to reports, the five men had earlier been arrested due to their religious activities, and had recently been released from prison.

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