6 Sunni prisoners are on hunger strike in Ghezelhesar prison

HRANA News Agency – Six prisoners of Ghezelhesar, who were sentenced to death, went on hunger strike, in response to decision of the authorities for their transfer.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), six Sunni prisoners of conscientious of ward four in unit three, were informed that due to approaching to Moharram month, they should be transferred to other ward on Monday November 4.


Hamed Ahmadi (the son of Habibollah – born in 1981), Kamal Molayi (the son of Ahmad – born in 1984), Jamshid Dehghani (the son of Khodarahm – born in 1985, Sadigh Mohammadi (the son of Hossein – born in 1986) and Seyed Hadi Hosseini (the son of Mohiyoddin – born in 1983), are the six prisoner of conscientious of Ghezelhesar prison, whose sentences are confirmed by the supreme court, and danger of their execution has been reported by human rights groups several times.


These six prisoners started their hunger strike on Monday, and asked for a fair and public re-trail. They also asked for transfer to Rajaei Shahr prison of Karaj, in order to be with other Sunni prisoners of conscientious, and having the right of using their religious books.


One of these prisoners told to HRANA’s reporter: “The head of unit three of prison informed us that due to the arrival of month of Moharam, we should be transferred to other wards. We complained and said that last year we were in this ward and had no problem.”


“The ward we are habitat (ward 3 unit 4) is the cleanest ward of the prison, and is some kind of Dar-Al-Quran of the prison. Nobody is uncomfortable with our presence in this ward, and ward`s attorney asked from authorities to keep us in this ward. Something that made us concerned is that last year people who had the same charges as us, were executed few days after Moharam, and we suspect that this transfer would be an outline for our execution.” He said.


He also added: “Seyed Ali Hosseini (head of prison), Rajabali Axhir (cultural affair) and Ahmad Mehrani (in charge of Dar-Al-Quran) are the people who put extra pressure on Sunni prisoners. They even did not permit us to use our religious book, and are trying to put us under mental and psychological pressure.”


He continued: “Today the head of prison called and intimidated us, which if we would not be ready for transfer and resist, he would use prison’s guard and send us to solitary confinement.”

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