60% of Workers in Iran are Uninsured, a New Statistical Report Says

A statistical report published by the Research Center of the Islamic Consultative Assembly shows that 60% of the country’s workers are uninsured.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, quoting Keyhan, this means that the employed person is not only deprived of insurance benefits but the years he or she worked will not be counted as part of his or her working records.

As a result, the worker will be deprived of both unemployment insurance and retirement benefits when they need them.

Mentioning that the insurance status of workers is not acceptable at all, Fathollah Bayat, chairman of the Union of Contract Workers, said, “The government can identify uninsured workers in various ways, including self-declaration.”

“The government must provide a registration system for uninsured workers to identify these people and must think of a plan to insure them,” Bayat added. “If a worker is not insured, s/he has no future, and in case of work accidents, disability, or retirement s/he will have no income.”

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