The 60th Number of Peace Line Has Been Published

HRANA News Agency – The Sixtieth issue of the “Peace Line” journal, human rights special journal was published.

On April 29, the international day of commemoration of the victims of chemical weapons, this issue of the “Peace Line” monthly magazine, titled as “a day for the victims of chemical weapons” was published. In addition to the civilians who were the victims of these weapons during the 8-year war between Iran and Iraq, there are contributions about the pain and tribulations that after 27 years since the end of the war are being still suffered and discussed.

In this regard, an interview with Mohammad Saleh Nikbakht, a prominent Iranian lawyer who has represented numerous victims of chemical weapons in Iran, has been done.

The discussion is about the reasons for the government of Iraq to use the chemical weapons of mass destruction and also why the efforts of him and people like him to achieve civilian victims’ rights, at the international level, were not successful.

Also with Rahim Vahedi, head of the “Association for the Defense of the Rights of Sardasht Chemical Strike’s Victims” as a non-profit organization defending the rights of the victims in the national and global level, discussions have taken place.

In the specific case of the issue of the Peace Line, you will read the views of “Khadr Sedaghat”, one of the victims of chemical bombing in Iran about the event in 1987.

In the issue you will read the subjects and notes of Shahed Alawi, Khaled Tavakoli, Hossein Ahmadi Neyaz, Elaheh Amani, Mohammed Mohebi, Ali Kalai, Rayeheh Mozaffarian, Mostafa Rahmani and a number of other human rights defenders.

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