The Names of 38 Death Row Prisoners in Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj

HRANA News Agency – Hundreds of prisoners on death row are being kept in Rajai Shahr prison. HRANA tries to attract the public support to save them from the gallows by publication of these prisoners’ identities. In this regard, the names of 38 prisoners on death row in Rajai Shahr prison is being published as follows.

This prisoners have been sentenced to death on charge of murder and are mostly being kept in ward 3 of Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj.

The list of 38 prisoners on death row in Rajai Shahr prison:

Nima Ismaelian son of Karim

Afshin Hashemi son of Hossein

Ahmad Ghasemi son of Gholamali

Amir Khalilpour son of Mirza

Reza Pourabasian son of Hossein

Akbar Pirami son of Ali

Hossein Hasani son of Hasan

Akbar Dehghan son of Ayaz

Mohammad Azizi son of Mosayeb

Fariborz jalali son of Mae’e din

Mohammad Khedmati son of Iesa

Isa Ibrahimi Ibrahim

Bagher Basiri son of Kochak

Fatollah Bakhtiari son of Aliakbar

Alireza Gharbali son of Hossein

Saeed Iskandari son of Jamshid

Israfil Mohammadi son of Ghaiyiom

Faramarz Fakhraie son of Aliasghar

Barat Ali Rahimi son of Mohammadali

Azad Ardokhani son of Sekhavat

Ali Kavandipour son of Mousa

Alireza Afshar son of Safarali

Javad Sayfi

Khaled Mohammadyan son of Saleh

Mahmud Khan Mohammadi

Hamid Shirkhani son of Mansour

Ghorban Ali Haidari son ofFAtollah

Jabar Molah Hashemi son ofAsadollah

Saedi Babakhanian son of Javanmir

Morteza Shafaghti son of Ali

Mehrdad Saebi Lafshar son of Abdollah

Hasan Kandi son of Fatollah

Sohrab Sanami son of Rahim

Kazem Khadem rezaeeyan son of Rahim

Mohsen Kazemi son of Abdi

Farma Salehi son of Abdillah

Kourosh Chakeri son of Zabiollah

Hossein Sadegh Kasmaee

It should be noted that the number of prisoners on death row in this ward is more than this list. HRANA’s efforts to complete the report continues.

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