7 Sunnis are summoned to the court after 4 years being under arrest

HRANA News Agency – Seven Sunni political and conscience prisoners have been summoned to branch 6 of Moghadas court and after 4 years of limbos they were informed that their case is archived.


According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mamousta Farhad Salimi, Davood Abdollai, Anvar Khazri, Ghasem Abeste, Khosrou Besharat, Kamran Shaikheh and Ayoub Karimi have been summoned to branch 6 of Moghadas court in Evin prison on Sunday November 4.


An informed source told to HRANA’s reporter: “finally, after 4 years of limbo, Mamousta Farhad Salimi and 6 others have been taken to Moghadas court in Evin prison but they faced a strange response from Mr. Naseri, the persecutor. The persecutor was trying to convey he is surprised that how during 4 years these seven prisoners did not have even one summon to court while he was shaking his head. And even though two months ago Kamran Shaikheh, Khouso Behsrat and Anvar Akhzari were exonerated from the case they are not released and have been sent back to Rejaei Shahr prison.”


He continued: “Persecutor stated that their files have been archived by intelligence and security service and that organization prevented the court from processing the case. But persecutor promised to summon them within 10 days.”


These prisoners of conscience have been kept in solitary confinement of intelligence and security service of Uremia for 8 months after arrest. Then, they have been transferred to solitary confinements of ward 240 and 209 of Evin prison.


After 6 month being in solitary confinement they were first transferred to ward 350 and then after 20 days, to Rajaei Shahr prison in Karaj on April 13 2012.

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