The 76th Number of Peace Line Monthly Was Published

HRANA News Agency – The seventy-sixth number of the Peace Line was published with the participation of a group of Iranian civil activists.

In the special case of the seventy-sixth number of the Peace Line Monthly we have explained the reason of restrictions on music in Iran and in particular the dilemma of the cancellation and closure of concerts in different cities of the country which since the middle of Hassan Rouhani’s first cabinet has increased in the number and has been done in a more organized way.

In this regard, a conversation with Hossein Zaman, one of the first pop singers after the revolution in Iran, took place. This banned singer, while considering the reason of cancellation of the concerts in Iran, has also looked at the history of music after the victory of the Revolution in 1978.

The other interview in the issue of the Peace Line was with Mahmoud Sadri, sociologist and professor at the University of Texas-Woolman. The Peace Line has had a conversation with this sociologist about the roots and the reason behind the Iranian regime’s opposition to music.

The seventy-sixth number of the Peace Line Monthly is also accompanied by notes from Amiri-Salar Dawoodi, Mohammad Habibi, Mostafa Azizi, Ghahreman Ghanbari, Behdad Bordbar, Keyvan Yahi, Nazila Rostamzadeh, Mohammad Mohebi, and a group of human rights and civil activists.

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