The 80th Number of Peace Line Monthly Was Published

HARANA News Agency – The 80th issue of Peace Line monthly, with a focus on the economic problems of the “wage-earning class”, and especially the accumulation of wage arrears with the participation of a large number of civic activists, was published.

In the special essay of the eighteenth issue of the Peace Line Monthly, entitled “Unpaid wages of a Social Class” areas of the accumulation of wage demands of the working class in Iran and its implications have been addressed.

In this regard, there is an interview with Naser Aghajari, a former worker activist and a representative of the Southern Project Workers’ Union. In the forthcoming discussion, the issue of wage arrears, the type and structure of contracts and the Ministry of Labor’s manner towards that, have been addressed.

Similarly, the Peace Line in a conversation with Jafar Azimzadeh, a well-known labor activist in Iran, has examined the issue of workers’ strikes in the country and its relation with the failure to pay salaries.

On the occasion of the anniversary of launching the “The Campaign to Ban the Family Violence” and the publication of a report by the campaign aimed at better understanding of the issues, demands, and year-round report of the campaign, there is an interview with Forough Saminia, an activist in Gilan province.

On the other hand, the Peace Line has been directed to Jawad Lal-Mohammadi, a member of the Teachers’ Association, to discuss the schools which were destroyed in the Kermanshah earthquake and the children who have been deprived of education in this province. Mr. Lal-Mohammadi has recently traveled to the earthquake affected area, along with the members of the Central Council for Coordination of Teachers’ Unions across the country.

The eighteenth issue of the Peace Line Monthly also comes with notes from Mohammad Moghimi, Behdad Bordbar, Amir Chamani, Ghahreman Ghanbari, Shahin Sadeghzadeh Milani, Amir Razzaghi, Mohammad Mohebbi, Sonia Tayyebi and a group of other human rights defenders and civil activists.

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