Pressures on Political Prisoners in Rajai Shahr Prison Continue to Grow

HRANA News Agency – The political prisoners of the Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj who had been forced to move to the security Hall 10 earlier in August, continue to suffer from duplication of problems, including telephone use, access to ventilation, lack of hot water for bathing and faulty heating system. They showed their protest by returning their food and urged the authorities to take action to change the inhumane conditions.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), about 54 political prisoners in Rajai Shahr prison in Kara had been transferred to security Hall 10 of Ward 4 in this prison earlier in August. Although only 30 prisoners remain there now, there are still many problems annoying them.
Political prisoners of security Hall 10 in Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj refused to accept their food to protest against the inappropriate condition of this place on Wednesday, December 27.
Among the problems that these prisoners face and for months they are pursuing administrative letters, there is a lack of fresh air due to the lack of a ventilation system and the small size of windows that are fenced on both sides. With the arrival of the cold season, prisoners were forced to cover the windows of the hall by using nylon because of the lack of heating systems, which also affected the flow of air.
On the other hand, it was reported that the authorities had seized all the equipment that was bought by the political prisoners of this hall at their own expense and sold to other prisoners. These devices are in addition to the others such as a cooler and a water purifier, refrigerators, TVs, and more. Prisoners have declared one of their problems as illegally confiscating their belongings.
The sit-in of the political prisoners in this hall to protest the horrible condition of the hall and also requesting facilities including phone calls, proper air conditioning, repairing the heating equipment of the hall, having newspaper, using the library and club, as well as returning their belongings such as refrigerators and TVs.
These sit-ins were followed by continuous letters by prisoners and the officials’ failure to follow up.
Gholamreza Ziaei, the head of the prison, and Reza Vali-Mohammadi, the director of the interior and responsible of Ward 4, have repeatedly said: “In order to do anything it needs to be in writing by the head of the Organization of Prisons’ administration in Tehran province”. The authorities have emphasized that; “All these restrictions are made by him and the prosecutor of Tehran, and without the permission of these people, there is nothing to do for pursuing prisoners’ problems in Hall 10”.
On the other hand, in addition to imposing pressures and restrictions on prisoners, the head of the prison has stated that; “The returning of equipments and the right to use facilities would be allowed after political-security prisoners accept to go to other wards”. Although some prisoners have gone to other wards or even other prisons for minimum facilities, but there are still 30 prisoners who still insist on the implementation of the principle of separation of crimes as their legal rights.

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