9 Arab Civilians Arrested in Khuzestan Province

HRANA News Agency – Reports indicate more pressure on Arab citizens, especially in the south of Khuzestan province. At least 9 civilians were arrested by security forces and there is no information about the status of three of them. Also, the revolutionary court sentenced a social activist and poet to two years in prison. Bagher Gholami’s family has stated that after 6 months from his arrest, there is no information about him.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Jasem Krooshat, Abdulrahman Gharbavi, Seyed Abdulkarim Mousavi, Reza Obaidavi, Mohammad Haidari, Jabbar Abiyat, Sadam Abiyat and Karim Achrash have been arrested by security forces during past month.
At dawn of Wednesday, August 31st, security forces raided to Kooy-e-Alavi and arrested 5 Sunni civilians with the names of Jasem Krooshat, 40, Abdulrahman Gharbavi, 30, Seyed Abdulkarim Mousavi, 32, Reza Obaidavi and Mohammad Haidari.
Families of these arrestees said that they were transferred to Abulfazl-al-Abbas base of intelligence service in Kiyanpars, in Ahvaz city.
Also, the intelligence service forces have arrested three Arab civilians in Ahvaz and Hamidiyeh cities and transferred them to unknown locations on Thursday August 18.
The confirmed identities of these men are: Younes Abyat, 17, Jabar Abyat from Hamidiyeh and Saddam Abyat, 28, from Ahvaz.
Their families have no information about the location which they are being held at or their possible allegations, after almost a month.
Another Sunni civilian was also arrested by the intelligence service. His name is Karim Achrash, 35, and is a resident of Omm-e-Tamir village, south of Ahvaz. He was arrested on Tuesday August 2, at 9 pm.
Karim Achrash is married and has three 4, -6 -and 9-year-old daughters. He holds bachelor degree in English and is an employee of municipality of Ahvaz.
A close source to Achrash family told HRANA’s reporter, “Mr. Achrash was arrested in a way that he could not even change his clothes and after searching the house, he was taken in front of his children’s eyes, along with his personal accessories to an unknown location”.
This source also said, “His family tried to follow up from the revolutionary court, located in Amniyeh, and also intelligence service office in Kooy-e-Golestan, but authorities responded that they had no information. At the end of the last week there was a call from intelligence service and his family was told that he had been arrested by them”.
Need to be mentioned, Karim Achrash had been arrested previously also for his religious activities.
A Poet Was Sentenced to Prison
Jahad Asakereh, a poet from Shadegan, was sentenced to 2 years in prison by the revolutionary court.
Mr. Asakereh had been arrested on January 18, 2014, during memorial ceremony of Mullan Fazel Sakrani, along with a group of poets and social activists.
No Information about Bagher Gholami since 6 Months Ago
After 6 months since Bagher Gholami, religious activist, was arrested on March, 6, 2016, in his house in Kooy-e-Padashahr in Ahvaz, by security forces, there is no information about his status.

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