The 9th Year on Death Row; Habibollah Latifi

HRANA News Agency – The execution sentence of Habibollah Latifi still remains, despite the promises of the authorities. He is still held in Sanandaj Central Prison in the ninth year of his imprisonment without furlough and visitation.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), political prisoner, Habibollah Latifi a senior industrial engineering student whose execution sentence has been suspended in September 2015 is still in his ninth year in prison deprived of furlough and family visits.

No other verdict has been issued to him suggesting a change of the death sentence. HRANA last year quoted his lawyer, Mr. Mohammad Saleh Nikbakht, reporting that after the “demands of the people” and “Amnesty of the leadership” the death penalty of this political prisoner would soon be changed.

A person close to Mr. Latifi told our reporter in this regard: “After all these years, there was no change in the status of Habib. His family are told that the execution has been stopped but they have not been shown any other sentence. They do not let him on leave, he meets his family in cabin and has no visits.”

Habibollah Latifi, a last year of engineering student at the University of Ilam, was arrested   on October 22, 2007, and after spending more than three months in the solitary confinement and being tortured was sentenced to death by the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj on charges of waging war against God and corruption on earth by Judge Hasan Babaei.

His lawyers appealed the sentence but in the winter of that year, the Court of Appeal confirmed the death sentence and also the verdict was referred to the Supreme Court for a final appeal where it was upheld too.

Finally, in 2015, in the eighth year of his imprisonment he was pardoned by the amnesty of the leadership and his death sentence was suspended.

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