A political activist is arrested in Tabriz

oHRANA News Agency – Abdollah Sadoughi, a political activist living in Tabriz, has been arrested on 13th May.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Abdollah Sadoughi was already sentenced to 1 year of prison by the revolutionary court of Tabriz.
He is believed to be arrested to serve his imprisonment sentence.
Abdollah Sadoughi had been arrested in a gathering to find a solution for the problem of Urmiye Lake with 29 other civic activists and was released after being in the intelligence of Tabriz for several months on the bail.
Amnesty International had stated its worry about his health condition because of being on hunger strike and asked Iranian government to release him immediately.

5 thoughts on “A political activist is arrested in Tabriz

  1. I vote for his immediate release…. These Mollas must stop to accuse young people and take away their rights of living & thinking…

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