A political prisoner committed suicide

HRANA News Agency – Basme Aljaburi, the political prisoner of the women ward of Evin prison has committed suicide after being integrated by the intelligence agents.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the intelligence agent, Abbasi has integrated Basme Aljaburi in one of the rooms of the ward on July 1, 2013 which has ended to her suicide because of huge mental pressure.
She has been sentenced to 5 years of prison on charge of spying for Iraq and was rescued by her roommates.
She is in the prison as a sentenced prisoner and regarding to the judiciary independency, the intelligent agent are not allowed to enter the ward in which the sentenced prisoners are kept.
Basme Aljaburi is a former official of Iraqi trade ministry and administrator of Hotel Alrashid in Baghdad. She is now serving the 24th month of her imprisonment sentence in Evin prison.

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