Three more executions in Ardebil

HRANA News Agency – Three prisoners have been hanged on charge of drug trafficking in Ardebil central prison today morning.


According to a report by Ardebil Judiciary, three prisoners who were charged with drug trafficking have been hanged on July 8, 2013 morning on Ardebil central prison.


According to this report, two of these prisoners were from Ardebil and born in 1978. They were charged with having 1 kilogram, 500 grams and 10 centigrams Methamphetamine.


They have been sentenced to death by the first branch of the revolutionary court of Ardebil.


After confirmation of the Attorney General and rejection of their forgiveness request by the forgiveness commission the head of the judiciary confirmed the sentences and the prisoners were hanged this morning.


At the same time, the death sentence of another prisoner which had passed through the same procedure was enforced, too.


This report claims the later was born in 1978 and from Ardebil and had have 964 grams Methamphetamine.


According to the sentence issued for him, he was sentenced to 20 lashes and surcharge which was enforced before the execution.


Gholam Ali Rezai the head of the judiciary of Ardebil province said: “There have been 15 prisoners hanged in Ardebil on charge of drug trafficking in the last two years.”


There had been 3 prisoners hanged on the same charges in Ardebil two days ago, 6th of July.

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