A Woman Burned Her Husband With Acid for Polygamy

HRANA News Agency – In retaliation for polygamy, a young woman in Khomein County burned her husband with acid while he slept.

According to a report by the state media in Iran, the young woman has confessed to burning her husband with acid and has further explained to the investigators that she committed this act because her husband took a second wife.

This woman told the police, “My husband met another woman and married her while I knew nothing about it.  Our marital problems began then.  I sought to take my revenge.”

She added, “When my husband came back to see me, I decided to carry on my plan.  I obtained acid, and when he fell sleep, I throw acid into his face.  Because his face and eyes were burning, he woke up screaming with pain and asking for help.”

After her confession, this woman was booked and locked up behind bars.  Investigations into this act of revenge continue.  It has been reported that her husband’s face has burned severely, he was taken to the hospital while he was unconscious.

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