Abbas Lesani Arrested in Ardabil

HRANA News Agency – Abbas Lesani, civil activist from Ardabil province was detained to endure his one year imprisonment sentence.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Abbas Lesani was arrested, when he went to his work place, by the security forces, on Wednesday morning 22nd July and was taken to an unknown location.
Abbas Lesani’s wife in an interview with HRANA confirmed the news and said: “It was 6 am when he was arrested, while he was on the way to his shop and as recently his one-year-imprisonment has been finalized, so it is very likely that they arrested him to execute his sentence.”
According to her, Abbas Lesani requires continuous medical care due to a lumber disc problem and she is concerned that the detention and lack of access to essential care exacerbate his problems. He has not had any contact with his family, yet.
Branch 1 of the Ardebil Appeal Court rejected the defense of Abbas Lesani in June, and also rejected the prosecutor’s request to deport Mr. Lesani and just upheld his sentence of one-year imprisonment.
This civil activist, who had refused to participate in any of the 3 trials, because of failing to respect Article 168 of the constitution of the notion of public hearings, was sentenced to one year imprisonment on 25th April, by a court verdict, issued by Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court in Ardebil, presided by Judge Asadpour.
Abbas Lesani, civil activist and father of three children, who had been arrested and imprisoned numerously, the last time, was arrested in Ardebil, on 9th September, following the protests for drying the lake of Ormia, on charges of propaganda against the regime and forming a group to disrupt national security. He was released on 5th November, after 55 days detention in Ardebil Intelligence service’s detention, on the bail of 100 million Tomans.Top of Form

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