Absolute ignorance from Jamile Karimi’s condition since she arrested

HRANA News Agency – It is more than one week Jamile Karimi the member of Fars provincial reformists coalition is under arrest and there is no news about her condition.

Ex-head of Fars students association front said about arresting Jamile Karimi the member of Fars provincial reformists coalition that “According to our information she arrested on Wednesday April 10, 2013 by plainclothes agents -who introduced themselves as Fars Intelligence service agents- and inspected her home, confiscated some of her personal belongings then with presence at her workplace -Girls School- and inspecting her workplace, transferred her to the intelligence center of Shiraz known as No.100.”

Ali fotovati in an interview with Green Voice of Freedom website said “Since she arrested there is no news about her physical mental condition, whereabout, the dossier process and … . Her family is following up that unfortunately there is no result till now. We hope to hear the news of her releasing in the next days.”

Ex-head of Fars students association front declared “Despite of getting closer to the presidential election in Iran the political activists in Shiraz are already have been prevented for any kind of free activities. Political, Student, Civil, Human Rights, Media and Social activists of the province have faced civic rights and freedom of expression rights violations in the past few years. There are several cases that could be found with a look up in the internet. After the elections of 2009 hundreds of Political, Student, Human Rights, Civic, Media and Social activists faced human rights violations and we have documented them and reported through a particular group which formed for this purpose. More than 300 activists were arrested since the presidential election, 8 were killed and on February 26, 2011 more than 200 students of Shiraz university were deprived of study by the disciplinary committee. Meanwhile we received reports about prisoners death in No.100 -Intelligence office of Shiraz-, rape, threatening and intimidations.”

Fotovati said “Personally I hope that the regime officials are aware of the result of what they do. It is necessary to mention that two of judicial officials of Fars province -Baneshi and Mousavi Tabar- are in EU sanction blacklist and a while ago Ali Mozaffari the head of Adelabad prison of Shiraz resigned of his position due to some rumors.”

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