Two Prisoners have been Hanged in Mashhad

HRANA News Agency – On Wednesday April 17, 2013 two prisoner hav been hanged on charge of raping in Mashhad.

According to a report by IRIB news, general and revolutionary prosecutor of Mashhad said “The first executed guy was a 21 years old worker of a bakery who raped a 13 years old worker of the same bakery on August 23, 2011.”

“With forming a complaint by the younger worker the accused arrested the day after and was tried in the branch 5 of the provincial criminal court of Khorasan Razavi and due to the evidences in the dossier and the confession of the accused, the experienced judges of provincial criminal court sentenced him to death”, Mr. Sadeghi added.

General prosecutor of Mashhad said “By appealing the issued sentence by the lawyer, the dossier was sent to the supreme court to reconsider the sentence but the judges of the supreme court confirmed the death sentence.”

According to him the sentenced to has been death hanged on Wednesday after preparations for the sentence enforcement got ready.

“Another person who was hanged in the Wednesday morning was a 41 years old man who was arrested on March 9, 2010 due to a complaint from one of his family members”, Mr. Sadeghi added.

He said “This man was tried in the branch 5 of provincial criminal court of Khorasan Razavi on charge of rape and sentenced to death. The sentence enforced in the Wednesday morning in Mashhad central prison.”

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