Additional Information on the Latest Executions in Ghezel Hesar Prison

HRANA News Agency – 11 death row prisoners who had been transferred from different prisons to solitary confinements in Ghezelhesar prison were executed by hanging on July 17. Two of them were executed in public and 9 of these prisoners were executed in Ghezelhesar prison. 7 of them have been identified by HRANA so far.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), 11 prisoners from different prisons including 4 from Central Prison of Karaj, 4 from Great Prison of Tehran, 1 from Ghezelhesar prison, 1 from Rajaei Shahr and one female prison from an unknown location had been transferred to solitary confinements of Ghezelhesar prison for execution.

Two of them were executed in public and 9 others were executed in Ghezelhesar prison by hanging.

The identities of those prisoners who were executed in Ghezelhesar are as following:

Saei Saberi – drug related charges

Moslem Bahrami – drug related charges

Saed Haghani – drug related charges

Reza Rad – drug related charges

Salman Bahrampoor – drug related charges

Also, according to the statement that was published by the head of police forces in Karaj, the identities of two others who had been charged with rape and sexual assault are Gh. J. and M. R. who were executed in public in Mehrshar in Karaj.

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