A Civilian Sentenced to Lashing in Mashhad

HRANA News Agency – Raoof Karimi from Mashhad was sentenced to 74 lashes by the court due to his wife’s complaint after a family contention, on charges of “insults and threats”. Flogging sentence from the perspective of human dignity is one of the issues that makes the Iranian government be seen as a violator of human rights treaties.

According to report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Raoof Karimi was sentenced to 74 lashes and 3 years imprisonment by Branch 108 of the Criminal Court after being sued by his wife on April 2.

This sentence has been issued while the UN had announced in a statement after flogging Aghdarreh miners and 35 students in Qazvin on one day that flogging in Iran is inhumane, cruel, degrading and contrary to the international laws.

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