Adnan Hassanpour is exiled to Zahedan prison

HRANA News Agency – Adnan Hassanpour, the imprisoned journalist has been exiled to the Central Prison of Zahedan after spending 15 days in the quarantine section of the Central Prison of Zabul.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), on 18 of February 2014 Adnan Hasanpour was exile to Zabul prison. After spending 15 days there he has been transferred to the central prison of Zahedan and is now in Section 6.
This Kurdish journalist was arrested on 5 of January 2007 and on 12 June of 2007 was charged and sentenced to death.
He was a member of Yasou Hafteh Nameh, which was published in Kurdish and Persian. This publication had been charged with acting against national security and disturbing the public and banned in 2005.
This journalist was sentenced to fifteen years’ imprisonment, reduced by the appeal and since then he had been deprived of any kind of furlough.

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