A political prisoner went on hunger strike in Zahedan prison

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad Amin Agoushi, the Political prisoner at Zahedan Central Prison began a hunger strike and sewed his lips since 18th. of March.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Mohammad Amin Agoushi 54-years-old retired teacher from Piranshahr who is now in Zahedan prison spending 10 years of his exile, went on hunger strike and sewed his lips against authorities disagrees of medical furlough.
It is to say, Mohammad Amin Agoushi has repeatedly demanded the authorities to agree with his furlough but faced with sabotage of Uremia and Zahedan prosecutors.
This prisoner of Zahedan central prison along with Iraj Mohammadi and Ahmad Pouladkhani from Piranshahr were arrested in 2007 on the charges of espionage for the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government through partnerships in the opposition groups against the regime.
By enduring more than seven months in the solitary, he was transferred to the central prison of Uremia and after the trial in a second branch of the military court (Judicial Organization of the Armed Forces), was sentenced to death by firing squad.
The sentence was upheld by Branch 31 of the Supreme Court identically but his case was sent to the first branch of the military court along with two other defendants has been sentenced to 10 years in prison and exiled to Zahedan prison.

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