Ali Akbar Nikbakht Released from Golpaigan Prison

HRANA News Agency – Ali Akbar Nikbakht, 75-year-old and ill prisoner from Golpaigan prison, was released due to his illness and punishment intolerance.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Ali Akbar Nikbakht, 75, who previously was sentenced to one year imprisonment for propaganda against the regime, was released by the approval of the Medical Commission in Esfahan.
His son with announcing this news added; “This elderly and ailing prisoner in Golpaigan prison who was in medical furlough, had been arrested December 20, 2015 and was transferred to Golpaigan prison.”
Mr. Nikbakht’s medical record was referred to Esfahan Forensic to determine “the disability to endure the punishment” and the issue was considered in term of age and the risk of getting “bladder cancer” and eventually the court decision was issued in favor of Mr. Nikbakht based on his intolerance to endure the imprisonment.
According to the relatives of this prisoner, he was charged with propaganda against the regime through interviews with the media and informing about the status of his imprisoned son and had been sentenced to one year imprisonment.

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