Ali Paxh-Gol; Imprisoned Since 6 Years Ago

HRANA News Agency – Ali Paxh-Gol is among the political prisoners who has been mentioned less in the media. He is Baluch and a resident of Hormozgan province. He was arrested for his religious and political belief, and while he had not committed any act of violence, he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. After serving 6 years, he has experienced nothing but harassment, beating, torture and humiliation.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Ali Paxh-Gol, son of Saleh, is from Khomain in Hormozgan province. He was charged with “illegally passing the border, propaganda against the regime, copying and distribution of speeches of Sunni hard-liner leaders, and membership in Abdul Malik Rigi’s group”. He was arrested by intelligence service forces on December 14, 2010, and sentenced to 15 years in prison in exile to Khalkhal, and one year unconditional imprisonment, by general and revolutionary court of Zahedan.
A close source to Mr. Paxh-Gol told HRANA’s reporter, “Ali was arrested, while he just had been copying CDs of speeches from known Sunni leaders, and he did not do the rest of the allegations. These Sunni leaders reside inside the Iran, so distributing their speeches could not be a crime”.
This informed source continued, “Ali visited once a member of Rigi group, but he did not know the person was a member of that group and there was no intension. He confessed to whatever they told him under torture, while he was only 18 years old. He said the tortures were so overwhelming that he was ready to confess to anything”.
Ali Paxh-Gold was under interrogation and torture for 9 months, in solitary confinement of intelligence service. Normal tortures included lashing the feet with cable. Then one of the heavy interrogators put his leg on the feet. Signs of these tortures could be seen even now.
The mental torture was another type of torture that he had experienced. For instance, harassment and arresting his family members. Besides, interrogators made him naked to “crush his self-esteem”. He could not sleep during those 9 months due to voices from other people who were being tortured.
Another pressure that he and his family experienced, was when his aged mother went to Zahedan’s intelligence service detention centre after a long trip, and she was told that “we will execute your son”, which shocked her very severely.
Besides, his father who was an employee of municipality was fired without any explanation.
Finally, after 9 months, This Baluch Sunni prisoner was transferred to Zahedan prison, but he was deprived of having phone calls and visits.
After 4 months in limbo in Zahedan prison, his court session was held and despite the explanation of the defendant regarding his confessions under torture and pressure, the judge approved the charges.
After the trial, he was transferred from the incommunicado prisoners’ ward to the youth ward, but harassments and pressures still continued.
During this time he was beaten by prison guard, among other political prisoners. These prisoners started a hunger strike in protest to harassment and religious insult of prison officials. They were beaten so severely that as Ali Paxh-Gold has said to his close friends, “head of more than 30 prisoners were injured and one prisoner lost one of his eyes”.
After tensions reduced prison guards took Ali Paxh-Gol and two other political prisoners with the names of Mohammad Saber Malik-Raeisi and Mohammad Rigi and severely beat them.
Mr. Malik-Raeisi had a severe bleeding. Then as punishment, their beard was shaved forcefully and they were kept for one month in the quarantine, and tortured by beating and deprivation from sleeping, and limitation in access to washroom while they were hand-cuffed and shackled.
Finally, Ali Paxh-Gol was transferred to central prison of Tabriz on December 4, 2012. He was deprived of having phone calls for 4 months, which was an arbitrary punishment put by security of prison. He heard from the supervisor judge of the prison that there was no limitation about the phone calls or visits in his case.
This political prisoner was sentence to exile to Khalkhal, but his condition became worse, and he was forced to attend in religious classes. Therefore he participated in a series of prisoner’s strike in protest to prison condition.
Ali Paxh-Gol and another political prisoners of this prison with the names of Noor Ahmad Hasan Zahi, were tortured severely in a way that the signs of hose and baton could be easily seen and even after two years the signs of electric shocker can be seen on their bodies. This prisoner was transferred along with 11 other prisoner to Ardabil prison, after hours of torture.
In Ardabil prison, prison guards had performed “fear tunnel” as a “welcome” message to these prisoners; during which they were beaten and harassed in handcuffs and shackles for another month. According to what this prisoner told to his close friends, “we were always in handcuffs and shackles and we were fed like animals, which was not enough for one person. They put the food in a plastic bag and threw it into the cell. Anybody from any organization who would come for visits, had the absolute permission of beating us, even once head of collecting compensation, Mr. Anzabi came and asked about me and Noor Ahmad; when they showed us, he started beating us”.
Ali Paxh-Gol and Noor Ahmad Hasan Zahi, finally were tried on charge of riot in prison, and sentenced to 2 years and 4 months of imprisonment, 100 million IRR as compensation and 74 lashes. This sentence was issued while these prisoner did not have any role in beating of wardens.

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