Alireza Golipour Suffering from Cancer in Evin Prison

HRANA News Agency – Alireza Golipour, political prisoner who suffers from cancer in ward seven of Evin Prison was sentenced to 39 years and 9 months in prison at Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran headed by Judge Salvati. The verdict was sent to the Supreme Court but has not been confirmed yet. Sending the case to the Supreme Court led to the delay in the treatment of the prisoner. His physical condition is not good and he has not received his chemotherapy since more than a week ago.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Alireza Golipour, political prisoner in ward seven of Evin Prison who has undergone two surgeries to remove the tumor, was sentenced to 39 years and 9 months in prison at Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran headed by Judge Salvati.
Ms. Azita Qare Biglo, Alireza Golipour’s lawyer in an interview with HRANA’s reporter said: “Recently he had a surgery to remove the tumor but it has been a week that his chemotherapy has stopped. Now he is not in a good physical condition. He is sick and his condition is very serious. He has lung cancer and lymph nodes. He has had two surgeries so far. The second operation was performed by laser. Currently he is under treatment and takes medicine. Mr. Golipour also suffers from heart disease and the recent tortures have exacerbated the issue. He is not in a good standing because his illnesses are costly and require time as well.”
She noted about which one of the institutions interfere in the process of treatment: “Prison officials have no problem but his case is a security case and it is clear which institutions are involved in this matter. Mr. Golipour was even returned to the prison immediately after the surgery while he must be in the hospital under observation and bed rest.”
She continued: “Mr. Salvati did not separate the case after the verdict. The case went to the Supreme Court with the second defendant. It is scheduled to be addressed in an extraordinary time. We do not know the case number and the branch and are waiting for the case to be returned to the executive branch. If his cases return to this branch, the treatment process can be resumed.”
Alireza Golipour’s lawyer told at the end: “It is about five years that Mr. Golipour has not the final decision. In September it will be five years. No final decision and temporary detention are not in his interest. We have no objection to the case to be immediately sent to the executive branch. Mr. Sarabi, second defendant, objected to that due to lack of separation, both cases have gone to the court.”
The allegation of Alireza Golipour, married and born in 1986, is announced as espionage for foreigners and especially USA.
Remarkably, the “no punishment” has been issued for Alireza Golipour by the medical commission, but because the prisoner has not received any verdicts yet, this order would not be followed and implemented. The verdict of the judge Salvati, regardless of what the sentence is, can cause the implementation of the decision by the prosecutor and eventually lead to release him.
It is worth mentioning, on November 16, 2015, he was scheduled to be tried but the trial was postponed because a state institution had taken the case.
On April 18, the hearing of the prisoner was held in Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court.
Alireza Golipoor was arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence in 2012. He has spent more than one year of his detention in ward 209 of Evin, more than 8 months of which was in the solitary confinement. He is held in ward seven of Evin prison now.

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