Alizadeh Tabatabaie’s Remarks about Mohammad Ali Taheri’s Case

HRANA News Agency – In an interview, Seyed Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabaie the lawyer of Mohammad Ali Taheri (the founder of Erfan Halghe Mysticism), described details and the latest on his case  and announced that there will be a hearing for Mohammad Ali Taheri In the future  while mentioned that there is no fresh charges on his case.

HRANA reports that, in his interview with Mashregh, Seyed Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabaie said: several days ago I had a meeting with Mohammad Ali Taheri and although some websites wrote that he was transferred and his location is unknown, he is at Evin Prison and he also has received a visit by his family. He also added: in this meeting, Taheri explained that he does not deny any necessaries of religion.

Seyed Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabaie said: Mohammad Ali Taheri charges was corruption on earth by deviating people for which the court has sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment for the crime of Blasphemy. In addition, the court considered the fund gathered through the course payments as illegal funds and sentenced him to 900 million Tomans Fines. The other part of his charges was healing and intervening in medical issues for which has been given a fine of 6 to 7 million Tomans Fines and this verdict has been approved by the province appeal court.

The founder of Erfan Halghe Mysticism’s attorney said: on the charge of corruption on earth, the court has sent back the case and demanded further investigation and reviewing the ideology of people before and after attending Taheri classes. The case has been sent back to the court recently.

The attorney of the founder of Erfane Halghe (Interuniversalism Mysticism) explained about Mohammad Ali Taheri’s charge of Corruption on earth: with regards to this charge there is no new evidence in the case. He also clearly said that he does not deny any necessaries of religion and he accepts that some of his concepts were not correct  and I hope that I can exculpate him at the court and the court agree to the previous 5 year imprisonment sentence .

It has been many years since Iranian Islamic government fighting and confronting religion and mysticisms with contrary views to their Islamic traditional believes and many leaders and founders of such religions and mysticisms have been prosecuted.

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, these religions and mysticisms are called “Newly emerged sect” or “False Mysticism”.

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